Rationality Cardinality

The Optimal Party Game

Option 1: Find Other Players on GatherTown

To find other Rationality Cardinality players, check out the GatherTown server. GatherTown is a videochat platform where you move around a virtual room and are put into a call with people nearly; it supports embedded web pages, which we use to make it so you can walk up to a game table and press x to be in a game with other players at the same table.

Connect to GatherTown

Option 2: Create a Private Game

If you'd rather play with just your friends and not have your game be open to the public, use the button below to create a new private game, then share the link with other players to invite them.

Add Rationality Cardinality to an existing GatherTown world

To add a Rationality Cardinality table to an existing GatherTown world, first create a private game with the form above, and copy the URL. In GatherTown's sidebar, go to the Build section, click the "Open object picker" button, and pick an object such as "Game Box (Generic)" in the Game section. In the "Object interactions" sidebar, choose "Embedded website" and paste the game URL into the Website field. (The game URL should look like should look like https://www.rationalitycardinality.com/game/[game-id].)

Browse the card database

If you'd rather look at the cards rather than play, or no one's around to play with, you can visit the card database. You can also rate the cards and leave comments and corrections there.